Services Under The Banner Of RS Law




RS law has been offering the services commercial and business laws for a long period. We have been into this business for almost 3 decades. We have the best lawyers who are working under the banner of RS laws. We only hire those lawyers who have expertise in the own sector. We do not hire people who do not provide the quality services, as we have to maintain our name. We are providing our services in Sydney. 

The Services of RS law 

Let us have a look at the diversified services that we are offering to the customers.  

  • Divorce and Family Law 

We have lawyers who can help in you resolving the family issues. For example, if you have any issue with your spouse or you want a custody of your kind then our lawyers can help you in doing so. Our lawyers will try to find the common grounds to settle the matter and if it’s not get resolves then we have to take the case to the other level. 

  • Property and Conveyancing Law 

If you have a property and you need to sell it but you have lost all your documents while shifting a house then you have to connect to our lawyers. They can work on your behalf to get the documents. Moreover, if you want to sell the property or a buy a property then our people can help you in getting the best prices for selling or buying the property. 

  • Bankruptcy 

Some businesses go bankruptcy. They have many things to resolve after the issues. They have no clue from where to start getting thing better. If you are going through such issues then you can contact with RS laws, our team has some specialised skills who can help you in best possible ways? 

  • Commercial Law 

Commercial lawyers based in Sydney help in connecting the companies to the customers. They show the perspectives to the companies as to how they can satisfy the needs of the customers. If some customer claim about the defects of the product or side effect of the products then company has to hire the commercial lawyer.  

  • Employment Law 

Employees have a few rights in the company. All the laws and rights are already written in the job description or offer letter. When companies issue the offer letter, each, and everything is mentioned in the letter, and employee has to read it thoroughly. Likewise, company has to pen down the laws and rights wisely and employment contract lawyers in Sydney can do it better way. Therefore, if you want to hire the solicitor for any job then you can connect with us. We shall provide you the best services at affordable prices. You never regret choosing our services.  

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