Kitchen Renovations: 3 Ways To Give It An Instant Makeover

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most common work that every homeowner undertakes. The home may not be completely renovated, but some homeowners prioritize kitchen renovations and makeovers to ensure that the ‘heart of the home’ is kept clean, organized and new.

The kitchen is where the family can cook meals, bond over snacks, and talk over a cup of coffee or eat up a light breakfast. Even visitors can drop by in the kitchen and hang out with the homeowners for a while. Some even help out in the cooking and meal preparation – that’s why kitchens should be more or less kept organized and spacious for it can usually become a busy place.

So if you are looking to redesign or renovate your kitchen, but you also want to save some space in the process, it is best to install frameless glass doors or sliding doors instead of actually building a wall to separate the other rooms. This gives it a more spacious feel while you get to maximize floor space at the same time. Below are 3 more things you can do to give it an instant makeover without spending too much:

  • Increase space with built-in cabinets, floating shelves and storages.Any kitchen requires lots of storage spaces for pots, pans, utensils, condiments and stocks of food. For those with smaller spaces, storage can become a problem. In some homes, all the utensils are just mixed in with other equipment due to a lack of space. This creates a cluttered mess, and will not do any good for both homeowners and visitors as well.So to ensure that you have enough room for all your utensils and condiments, you must install cabinets, wall/floating shelves and at the very least, choose vertical storage spaces. Vertical-shaped storages can save you floor space while giving you more room to store all your kitchen essentials. It can give you a clean, modern and minimalist look that all your friends and family will surely love.
  • Install splashback glasses.Mirrored glass splashbacks Melbourne don’t really come with any function, but it does give your kitchen an element of style. Primarily, it does help contain water in your sink, but it’s really more of an aesthetic function. Installing splashbacks can instantly give your kitchen a modern and posh look without any intricate details and complications in design.
  • Repaint with the use of plain colors.If ever you are going to repaint the walls on your kitchen, make sure you choose more modern and minimalist colors such as earthly colors, warm beiges, rustic shades and cool pastels. Using at least 2 colors for contrast is fine, but you may also prepare a pallette if you really want to match it with the rest of your furniture/equipment.

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