Doula; A Support During Pregnancy

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Having a doula services in Sydney with you in the delivery room has now become common, and is also for good cause. Doulas are trained, and experienced persons who provide parents, especially the laboring mother, mental and physical support and guide them through the process of labor, birth and after birth with compassion and love. Doulas do not have any clinical role neither they are professional, though certified; their main goal is to boost up the role of doctors and nurses, ensuring a safe, satisfying and easy delivery for the mother and the child, and to make the mother feel safe and comfortable. Some of the doulas also provide postpartum services which include cooking, encouraging better bonding between the baby and the family members, the other housework and even assisting the mother with the learning to breastfeed. 

How does Doula help? 

For people, having a supportive and experienced person present for them in their most emotional and life-changing process can make the whole difference, no matter if the process goes as expected or not. Doulas help the laboring mother by offering a variety of services, some of them are listed below 

  • They provide emotional support by being available to the mother. 
  • They help the mother in finding the ways to research her birth options. 
  • They suggest ways to the birth partner to provide comfort and support the laboring mother. 
  • They help the mother in keeping in touch with her doctor and accommodating the environment of the birth according to the mother’s needs and wishes. 
  • They assist you in the non-medical treatment of pain by using certain measures like massage, mantras, relaxed breathing. 
  • They also provide after-birth help, by accompanying the mother to the post labor check-ups to the doctor. 

In today’s world, there are certain organizations that have certified doulas to provide services to laboring mothers, thus making their experience less painful and safe for them. 

Why hiring a doula is a right choice  

Whether you should hire a doula or not, may be a matter of concern for you. When a woman is expecting she needs someone out of her family or friends circle, to whom she could freely express her fears and worries. A doula gives the mother information about before, during labor and after birth. Doula ensures the improved overall health of the mother and the baby, decreased the risk of C-section and ensures shorter labors with lesser complications. So, hiring a doula has proved to be efficacious for almost every laboring mother, making the delivery process easy and satisfying. Most importantly it is very helpful for the women away from their families in their pregnancy and post pregnancy period. For more information, please log on to

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