A Guide On Shipping Vehicles To Australia

vehicle shipping to Australia

Are you considering to bring your automobile, sports utility vehicle, or motorcycle with you?

Because of the rapid decline in value that most vehicles experience during the first three years following purchase, many people who are “ditch hopping” make the decision to transport their automobiles alongside their other belongings, such as their personal possessions and furniture. Because the regulations governing the registration of motor vehicles in New Zealand and in Australia are extremely comparable to one another, the majority of automobiles can be legally imported into Australia without needing any modifications. The Australian vehicle import restrictions restrict the entry of automobiles into the country, and only a limited number of models are permitted.

  1. Are you eligible for importing a vehicle?

The following nationality and visa requirements must be met in order for vehicle shipping to Australia under the Personal Import Scheme for authorised motor vehicles:

  • Is an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has returned to Australia (permanently) after a period of residing abroad
  • Is a migrant moving to Australia with a valid visa that permits permanent residence
  • Is otherwise authorised to remain in Australia indefinitely.
  • Has owned and utilised the vehicle abroad for at least 12 months previous to submitting an application for importation. In addition, corporations are not allowed to import vehicles under the PIS, and individuals are limited to one vehicle per five-year period.
  1. What documents you require?

You may have used the car as a means of transportation if it was available to you. As a result, during the 12-month qualifying period, the vehicle must have been available for your use. For proof, you might show that the vehicle is registered to you and that it was garaged near your home for the 12-month qualifying period, as well as proof that you had a valid international driving licence.

  1. Are there any restrictions on the kind of vehicle you are importing?

Cars imported into Australia must meet emissions, asbestos and air-conditioning refrigeration regulations.

  1. Any constraints on selling imported vehicles in Australia?

There is no restriction on the future sale of an imported vehicle if the Vehicle Import Approval has met the standards for import approval and initial registration.

  1. Do you have to pay Customs Duty?

Shipping vehicles to Australia is subject to customs duty, GST, and the Luxury Car Tax (LCT), with the sole exemption for automobiles that are being returned to Australia in an unaltered state or tourists or temporary residents who seek to import a motor vehicle for the duration of their stay. Under the AANZFTA agreement for trans-Tasman trade, GST is applied at a rate of 10% of the value of the motor vehicle, whereas customs duty is often not applicable. Vehicles that are worth more than LCT threshold are subject to LCT at a rate of 33% on the excess above the LCT threshold. Please visit www.personalimport.com.au for more information.

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